Outback Catering can help plan your entire event, including staffing.

Our staffing recommendations, both in number of staff and the length of time they are at your event, are based on several factors.

Level of Formality
The more things you ask our staff do for your guests, the greater the number of staff that will be required. For example, the following needs impact the number of staff required: tray passed appetizers, dinner and dessert, wine, water, champagne and coffee served to your guest at their seats, service on china vs. disposables. All of these choices require more staff to implement and especially add more time to pre-set tables and when finished, to rinse and repack the rentals. Typically, for a formal party of 100 guests, 8 staff including a bartender for 7-9 hours, will run approximately $1100-1500.00.

Food that is served buffet style on disposable plates where guests help themselves to drinks requires less staff. Typically, for a casual party, 3 staff for 5-6 hours for 100 guests would be sufficient, and would run approximately $300-$400.00.

All staff recommendations are done with your needs in mind. Please call to discuss.